Celebrating One Year of Excellence with Dr. Katie Andersen Homan at Corpuz Family Dentistry

As May 2023 dawns upon us, Corpuz Family Dentistry is thrilled to commemorate the one-year anniversary of having the remarkable Dr. Katie Andersen Homan as an integral part of our dental family. Join us in celebrating a year of exceptional dentistry, compassionate patient care, and countless smiles transformed under her skillful hands.

A Year of Dedication

Dr. Katie Andersen Homan’s journey at Corpuz Family Dentistry began in May 2022 with a passion for dentistry and a commitment to patient well-being. Raised in Wichita, her childhood dream of becoming a dentist led her to Rockhurst University, where she excelled academically and athletically. With a B.S. in Cell and Molecular Biology, she continued her journey to UMKC dental school in Kansas City, where she earned her D.D.S. degree.

A Year of Growth

Throughout the past year, Dr. Katie’s dedication to her craft has shone brightly. She seamlessly integrated herself into our patient-centered approach, aligning perfectly with our core values. Dr. Katie’s enthusiasm for dentistry and her ability to forge meaningful relationships with her patients have left an indelible mark on our practice.

A Year of Impact

Dr. Katie Andersen Homan’s contributions extend beyond the dental chair. As a member of the American Dental Association and the Nebraska Dental Association, she remains at the forefront of advancements in dentistry. Her commitment to patient care is exemplified by her status as a Preferred Invisalign Doctor, showcasing her dedication to offering cutting-edge treatment options.

A Year of Learning

Dr. Katie’s commitment to her own growth and development is evident in her participation in the Pankey Institute. Her thirst for knowledge reflects her dedication to providing the highest quality care to her patients, ensuring that every individual receives the best treatment possible.

A Year of Unity

Dr. Katie Andersen Homan’s presence has enriched our dental family, enhancing our mission of delivering exceptional dental care within a welcoming and patient-centered environment. Her warmth, expertise, and compassion have united with our team’s values, creating a harmonious atmosphere for patients seeking top-notch dental services.

Looking Ahead

As we celebrate this remarkable milestone, we look forward to many more years of shared growth, learning, and success. Dr. Katie Andersen Homan’s dedication to her patients, commitment to excellence, and vibrant personality continue to make a positive impact on the lives of those she serves.

Join us in commemorating one year of excellence with Dr. Katie Andersen Homan at Corpuz Family Dentistry. Here’s to the past year and to the promising journey ahead!