Dementia: 8 Warning Signs to Watch Out

Dementia can be maintained even though there is no absolute cure or a specific way to prevent it since it’s a wide range of different diseases. This is why it’s vital to practice a healthy lifestyle, as it can help prevent other health complications. However, if you are keen enough you will not miss the warning signs that your loved one has dementia. If you notice some of the signs listed below then its time you considered contacting Geriatric Home Care in Bethesda, MD, to help take care of your loved one before the situation gets out of hand. This article will explore the critical warning signs of dementia that you should watch for.

Hardship in Performing Familiar Tasks

Dementia often leads to memory loss, which can highly affect you or your loved ones in performing tasks that you are familiar with. However, you should not confuse dementia and being so busy that you forget to accomplish a certain task. With dementia, a simple task that you or your loved one used to do will be more difficult to complete. A good example is preparing a common meal that you are used to cooking. You forget the recipe and the procedure to do that. Another example is being unable to play a certain game that you used to play. You forget the rules and how the game is played.

Experiencing Memory Loss

There is a difference between forgetting about something and forgetting a couple of things often. With dementia you don’t just forget things, you also have trouble taking and retaining new information. A person with dementia will even forget the names of the loved ones close to them, unlike a healthy person. If you or your loved one is experiencing such, then you are at risk of getting dementia.

Difficulties with Language

When you or your loved one has dementia, you may have trouble expressing yourself and finding the right words to speak. When having a conversation with someone with dementia you may end up not understanding anything they say as they will often substitute words with some that have no meaning. Dementia affects the brain, making it difficult to construct even a sentence.

Experience Impaired Judgement

A person having dementia will require a caregiver to take care of them. This is because the person will experience impaired judgment.  A normal person might change their mind or see something from another perspective that may make them make certain decisions. For instance, a patient with dementia may see a doctor and then forget both the visit, as well as why they needed to go in the first place. They may forget medications or the right doses..

Uncertain About Time and Place

Another warning sign is when you or your loved one can’t recognize where you are and what time it is. Forgetting about what day and week it is or why you went to the garage is normal and happens to people often. However, with dementia, you will get lost even in your own house.


If you or your loved one is experiencing these signs, it’s advisable you visit your doctor to get a check-up. If it’s your loved one, you can consider looking for a home agency that can take care of them.