Effects Of Not Having Proper Dental Care

As we know, the mouth is a gateway to our body through which we intake all necessities of life. We can easily estimate the importance of dental care by knowing that carelessness in this matter would put our whole body at risk. We recommend reading more about RiverEdge Dental. For instance, if the entrance of something is not secure, that spot would probably be at more risk of harm. The same goes for our oral hygiene. A person is susceptible to many diseases if they have poor dental health. Some of the bad impacts of poor dental health are listed below.

Toothache And Tooth Loss

If you neglect your dental health, the first thing you would experience is toothache and then tooth loss. It’s a famous saying by dentists that:

You don’t have to brush all of your teeth, just the one you always wanna keep.”

Tooth loss affects your facial shape along with your gums. It might be possible that you look overage due to tooth loss. You will lose your smile eventually. 

Cardiovascular Issues

When the plaque keeps on staying in the mouth, it causes the birth of bacteria, and with the passage of time, bacteria and plaque start mixing in the bloodstream, causing the narrowing of arteries and blood vessels. It can cause cardiovascular issues. Narrowing of arteries will ultimately result in an increased risk of stroke and myocardial infarction.

Respiratory Disorder

Patients already suffering from respiratory tract issues are more likely to get affected by bad oral health. Because bacteria travel through the bloodstream to the lungs causing severe bronchitis and increasing the risk of pneumonia, cleaning your teeth twice a day will ensure your safety and prevent any kind of bacteria and virus from entering your body.

Kidney Disorder

According to a study, people suffering from periodontal diseases are 4.5 times more at risk of getting infected by kidney diseases like stones, etc., which may even lead to kidney transplants. It all starts from your mouth and affects the whole body badly.

Risks Of Premature Birth

According to research, nearly 13% of babies are born prematurely. Premature babies face issues in breathing and infections. According to research, it has been proved that premature birth is associated with a mother’s poor dental health. The mouth is most likely a site for infection; the mother’s regular brushing and flossing would avoid such kinds of circumstances in the newborn. 

Bad Breath

Poor dental health can lead to bad breath and the foul-smelling odor produced by bacteria in the mouth. Keeping yourself hydrated the whole day will help avoid foul-smelling. What can be done to remove this bad breath is to use a proper mouthwash. It removes debris and cleans the mouth of any kind of bacteria. 


As discussed above, not taking care of teeth will lead to hazardous effects. Your teeth are one of the body’s vulnerable parts, and anyone with bad teeth can go through many complications. Work on your teeth to get better health and hygiene. We recommend reading more about RiverEdge Dental or visit them. Visit your doctor regularly. Brush your teeth with fluoride-containing toothpaste as it would kill all the tooth-decaying germs.