How Do You Know You Need Therapy? 8 Common Reasons to Seek Help from a Therapist

There is a common belief among certain people that therapy is for the weak. However, the truth is that anyone can need therapy when facing any mental condition. From dangerous habits to marital issues and daily stress, anyone can need treatment to get better and improve their quality of life. There is no problem that is too small or too big for therapy. Therefore, understand some of the reasons that may require seeking help from a therapist. This article will discuss eight reasons to seek treatment.

Anxiety and Stress

Various situations like performance, relationships, finances, and illnesses can cause stress. You need to work with a therapist Bend Oregon, to find the origin of focus and develop coping strategies. It is worth getting help if you have difficulty managing daily activities because of stress and anxiety. 

Sleep Problems

Insomnia can impact your overall health, leaving you with low energy, tiredness, and irritability. In most cases, insomnia has an underlying problem. While you may use medication to help you sleep, it does not resolve the issue. Therefore, consider seeking help from a therapist to improve your sleep.

Self-Esteem Issues

A therapist can also help if you have esteem issues. They can help you recognize your potential, find motivation, and bring the best things about you. A therapist is not like talking to a friend. These are trained specialists who know how to advise without bias or criticism.


Addiction to substance abuse like drugs, tobacco, and alcohol is often a way of coping with problems for some people. Unfortunately, addiction leads to other issues like gambling, purging, and bingeing. Therefore, seeking help from a therapist can be a good way of addressing the problems and finding a way to overcome addiction.


Losing a parent, child, spouse, or friend to death can be a difficult time to deal with. Even if you give yourself time and space, sometimes healing from grief is not easy and could come with other problems. Therefore, if you are in grief or have lost something precious, speak with the therapist. Let them know how you feel to find solutions to the problem.


Depression has become a significant concern as tough economic times continue to prevail. Depression can be life-altering and impact your quality of life. Often, depression comes with feelings of helplessness, guilt, and hopelessness. Work with the therapist to know the cause and manage the symptoms. 


An illness can cause different feelings like anger, regret, denial, and sadness. Whether you or your loved one is suffering from a disease, you can seek help from a therapist to deal with the emotions and symptoms that come with the illness. 


People have different types of phobias, from childbirth to anxiety disorders like agoraphobia. These phobias can cause emotional distress to the victim. Some people manage by avoiding the things they are afraid of, which can be restrictive. The best solution is to seek therapy. The specialist will recognize and help you tackle your fears using different techniques. 

Find the Right Therapist Today

These are common things that can cause you to seek help from a therapist. Remember, people with more significant problems are not the only ones who seek therapy. Therapy is a treatment for all who need to improve their mental well-being if they are going through these conditions and others.