How to Put on a Natural Makeup Look

Girls tend to put on a natural makeup look nowadays when going to work or college as it enhances their beauty and gives a glow to their skin. So, if you are wondering how to wear and apply the famous natural makeup look, read below to find out the basics of the natural makeup look, and some tips on how to get the best possible effortless look.

Eyebrow Gel and Pencil

Getting the perfect eyebrows all depends on how you apply the eyebrow pencil and gel as well as choosing the right pencil color that fits your natural eyebrow color.

When applying the eyebrow pencil and gel, do not forget to comb your eyebrows with an eyebrow mascara, just make sure that it is lighter than your natural hair color by two shades if your hair is dark, or darker than your natural hair color by two shades if it is of a light color.


Mascara is an essential step in the natural makeup look, and it is available in the market in many different kinds that fit different tastes and eye shapes.

There are two ways to apply mascara, you either apply it on the roots without pulling it up towards the ends of your lashes to add natural looking volume to them while keeping the ends mascara free, or you apply your mascara on the ends of your lashes to give your eyes a deeper look and make your lashes longer. 

Tinted Moisturizers

Tinted moisturizers have become an essential part of makeup and one of the most important alternative makeup products to foundation creams.

Tinted moisturizers even out your skin tone, give perfect coverage over acne, fine lines, and dark spots all at the same time. They are also ideal for dry skin since they contain hydrating and moisturizing ingredients.


Even though concealers are known for covering under-eye dark circles, they are also used for many other things such as covering blemishes and spots, defining your face and making it look brighter.

So, if your face looks tired, use the concealer only on the parts of your face that need concealing with a concealer that is one shade lighter than your skin’s natural color, then blend it into your skin with a blender (makeup sponge) or with a concealer brush.

As for under the eyes, make sure not to get close to the lower lash line with the concealer, and focus solely on the lower half of the under eye dark circles. Also, only use the type of concealer that is right for your skin type.


Highlighters are inseparable from the natural everyday makeup look thanks to the glow it gives your skin. It is applied only on the parts of your face that reflect light in addition to the inner corner of your eyes.

Natural Colored Eyeshadow

If you want a natural makeup look, you need to go for natural colors when it comes to eyeshadows and avoid bold vibrant colors. You can also use your bronzer as an eyeshadow.

What matters is that you use shadows that are slightly darker than your skin color, and apply the shadows above and below your eye crease line. 

Compact Face Powder

Compact face powder locks your makeup in place and gives it a nice finish. So, only use a compact face powder that suits your skin type to set your makeup properly in place and lots of coverage.

Don’t forget to choose a compact face powder that matches your skin tone to get that natural look you want.


To make your blush look natural – whether it is a powder or cream blush – choose a blush of a rosey or peachy color, apply a  little amount of product on the apple of your cheeks, and blend with a blush brush. This way you can get a natural makeup look, especially if you avoid using blushers with shimmer in them.


The final step of your natural makeup look and application is the lipstick. For a natural look, avoid dark lipstick colors and vibrant tones, and go for tranquil colors instead, a lipgloss, and a lip liner with your lipstick to help it last longer.