When Is the Best Time to Take CBD Oil?

When you start using CBD, you might be a bit apprehensive about how to see a real benefit from it. CBD products such as CBD oil, gummies, and vapes are used for a variety of different reasons. They have been proven to be helpful with certain specific medical conditions but also for much more general health benefits like helping with sleep or concentration. Each one of these different CBD applications involves a unique way of taking the substance. As you might have guessed then, there is no one answer for the questions that makes up the title of this article – it all depends on what you are using it for.

Of course, that is not to say that there isn’t any general advice to defer to. CBD products for different conditions can be grouped into distinct categories based on the best time of day to consume them. For example, if you are using CBD to do something about your sleeping patterns, then just before bed or after your evening meal is the optimal time to take it. For most types of CBD use, a perfect time of day for consumption exists. Nevertheless, do bear in mind that it all depends on the person too, and you should not discount your personal preferences.

Should You Even Take It Every Day?

However, also bear in mind that it is not a foregone conclusion that you should be even taking CBD every day. Sometimes the best time of day to consume CBD is “no time at all”. Not every CBD user will consume the substance every day and it is in this question of “how often?” that things really do vary a lot from the person to person. Yammy CBD, specialists in a range of CBD products, advise that you might be best taking your CBD Oil at dinner time, but that does not always mean every dinner time.

General Advice

So, what general advice can we actually give? As it happens, quite a lot. So long as you keep in mind that you shouldn’t necessarily take it every day and that you should be sure to take your preferences into account, there is quite a lot of guidance out there regarding when to take CBD. Here follows some tips:

For Pain Relief

If you are using CBD for pain relief, it is advisable that you take it just before a break at work or just before sleep – not before the work itself. The reason for this is that the effects are most pronounced when you take the CBD just as you are also getting into a state of relaxation. This doesn’t necessarily mean bedtime. You can also take it before your lunch break at work when you chill out in the staff room with a cup of tea and a book.

For Sleep

We don’t need to waste too many words here – the best time to take CBD for sleep is just before you sleep. Then again, depending on how you consume it, this might not necessarily mean just before bedtime. Many people do not want to smoke just before bed and, if you are taking gummies, you’ll want to take them before you brush your teeth.

For Anxiety

For anxiety, the advice is much looser. You can really take it whenever you like or whenever you feel anxious. Nonetheless, it has been recommended by some experts that just before heading out to socialize is a good time to take CBD for anti-anxiety purposes.

There are tremendous benefits to taking CBD, and if you take it at exactly the right time, you can maximize those benefits.