Cannabis Delivery Is a Good Way to Break into the Industry

You are fascinated by the cannabis industry. You’re intrigued by the possibilities of medical cannabis and eager to learn what you can about the recreational side of things. In fact, you are ready to get to work right away. But you don’t have a degree and you’re not interested in going to college. No worries. You can break into the industry by becoming a cannabis delivery driver.

Every industry has its entry-level positions. Used wisely, an entry-level position can be a stepping stone to greater things. Despite what you may have heard about how business is done in America it is still very possible to start at the ground floor and work your way to the very top.

Two Delivery Models

Cannabis delivery involves two distinct models: the wholesale model and the retail model. In all likelihood, an entry-level position would not involve both. You would either work in the wholesale market or in retail.

Wholesale Cannabis Delivery

Wholesalers are a normal part of the retail supply chain. They are the ones who supply retailers with their products. So in a cannabis setting, wholesale delivery involves delivering products to pharmacies, dispensaries, and other wholesalers.

In some cases, a wholesale driver might operate a class B or A commercial truck. But more often than not, wholesale delivery is accomplished with step vans and cargo vans. There is no special license needed. Having said that, many states do require a commercial endorsement to operate any commercial vehicle.

The other thing to know about wholesale delivery is that you are dealing in bulk. Rather than small orders for individual customers, you’re delivering large volumes of product to retail locations. Some heavy lifting is required.

Retail Cannabis Delivery

In a retail setting, you are delivering retail products directly to customers. Take medical cannabis in Utah. You might work for a company that provides cannabis home delivery services for Beehive Farmacy in Brigham City and Salt Lake City.

When orders come in, Beehive Farmacy fulfills them and prepares them for delivery. You stop by and pick up the orders, then deliver them to each patient individually. It is very similar to what you would do if you’re working for a food delivery company like Grubhub or Uber Eats.

In some cases, pharmacies and dispensaries hire their own drivers rather than contracting with a delivery service. That would mean delivering exclusively for that retail outlet rather than servicing multiple retailers.

The Vehicle Question

The nice thing about becoming a cannabis delivery driver is that you don’t need a college education. A clean driving record and a high school diploma or GED are usually enough to get you in the door. But there may be some vehicle requirements.

Your employer would almost certainly provide vehicle and insurance in a wholesale environment. This is to be expected given the volume of product transported between origin and delivery destination. Employers do not expect drivers to have their own step vans.

When it comes to retail delivery though, you may or may not need to supply your own vehicle. If not, bonus. Your employer absorbs the cost of maintenance, gasoline, insurance, etc. But if you are working as an independent contractor for a delivery service, all of that is on you.

Getting into the cannabis industry as a delivery driver is not only possible, but it is also pretty common. As the cannabis industry grows, the demand for delivery is increasing. Both wholesale and retail entities need delivery drivers they can count on to get product to its destination. Do it well and you could find yourself moving up the ladder.