Dental Health, Mental Health: How Are Dentists Doing During Covid?

From crippling the transport sector to causing chaos in the health sector, COVID-19 has left no stone unturned. The health sector was particularly hit hard, and to curb the spread of the virus, some hospital wings, including dental departments, were shut down.

However, dentists being one of the few people crafted under the will of providing ultimate health care to all, could not go down with the dire situation.  Despite dentists trying very hard to work with the pandemic, things are becoming slippery. But some dentists became ingenious and worked with the pandemic. Here are some ways dentists used to survive during COVID-19. 

Building a close-knit Team of Professionals 

 As we all know, Covid19 came with a dose of mental challenges that affected both patients and dentists. In fact, most hospitals ran dry of patients, lacked money, and eventually closed. This really affected dentists working in such facilities. 

To cope with the hanging danger, dentists started forming teams of professionals to work with and help each other with mental issues. Being dentists in a vibrant team, in a small city is healthiest thing since you are sure to find someone who can help you out. 

Transitioning to Online Care 

Online care is where a dentist and patient meet virtually using internet-supported devices. Here, dentists were able to reach out to their patients, offer them help and ensure they were ok without the fear of contracting or spreading Covid19.

Working Near their Homes 

Dentists who were working near their homes were better equipped to fight Covid 19 than those who were far away. Working near home has unlimited advantages, from forging a community of people who are appreciating your services to living close to those you love more. 

Hyper local is often happiest – the village mentality way of working through emotionally demanding situations. Here, solutions are almost everywhere, bearing in mind, you have a wonderful community within your reach. The fact that most of your neighbors have interacted with you may know when you are ok or not.

They get Over the sense of Betrayal 

In tough times where everybody is busy elsewhere, including the government, people are most likely to feel betrayed. According to a survey done by Medscape, 46% of the 7500 physicians involved in the study reported feeling lonely and isolated. 

Dentists being among the larger community of physicians were not spared of the feeling. They had to work through the worst but overcame every hurdle by interacting with those they think could help. 

Bottom Line 

The Covid19 pandemic was a full-blown emotional torture spree, with the hospital staff being the hardest hit. But dentists survived through the storm by working close to their homes, embracing online care, and learning to fight through loneliness.  We are always updating our blogs, as new information comes in; stay tuned and stay safe.