Do You Forget to Brush Your Teeth Routinely? Break this Habit Now!

Did you know that about 30% of Americans do not brush their teeth a minimum of twice a day? Fillings, root canals, and dental implants are not cheap at all. Not to mention booking additional appointments with the dentist is very time-consuming and you may be required to take time off of work to do so. Sure, forgetting once isn’t going to kill you, but consider that your teeth are unique to you and they cannot be replaced, so it’s time to start treating them with more respect! Remember, you wouldn’t be able to enjoy your favorite foods without them! If you are finding yourself frequently forgetting to brush your teeth at least twice a day, then this blog is for you. Learn how you can solve this problem easily and effectively from your Mission Viejo dentist:

Keep your toothbrush visible

“Out of sight, out of mind.” If you are hiding your toothbrush in your cabinet or drawer, then this might be the problem. Place your toothbrush as well as your floss on your bathroom counter near the stink so that it will be easier for you to remember.

Carry your toothbrush with you

Get a plastic bag and put your toothbrush and toothpaste in your backpack or bag – it will be hard to miss! That way, you can brush your teeth in the office bathroom if you were in a hurry. You can even try brushing your teeth three times a day: twice at home and once at work or at school during your breaks. It’s actually better to brush three times instead of two if you can, with studies proving that it leads to improved heart health. Also, remember that it is advised to brush your teeth (as well as your tongue) after your meals for 2 entire minutes. Be sure to set a timer for yourself if you need to.

Use reminders

You can use an old-fashioned sticky note to put in your bathroom to remind you to brush your teeth or set one up on your smartphone. You can set the reminder to be time or location-based. For example, you can set the reminder to go off at 7 am and 7 pm, respectfully, or whenever you enter your home. If you choose the phone method, be sure to assign a ringtone to it so that you don’t miss it.

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