Elevating Your Dental Experience: Full-Service Dentistry in a Tranquil Spa-like Atmosphere

Unveiling a Serene Spa-like Atmosphere

Corpuz Family Dentistry, established in 2003 under the guidance of Dr. Ralph Corpuz, is more than just a dental practice; it’s a haven where comprehensive care meets a tranquil spa-like atmosphere. Our gentle and caring team has dedicated themselves to not only improving oral health for patients of all ages but also creating a soothing environment that fosters relaxation and comfort.

Inspired by Disney, Susan Corpuz envisioned a spa-like atmosphere that leveraged the principles Disney’s success was built upon. That included providing an environment that fosters a feeling of contentment, safety, and enthusiasm. That’s why the Corpuz Family Dental Office hits each of the senses including sight, sound, smell, touch, and taste.

Dedicated to Top-Notch Care & Uncompromising Standards of Excellence

At Corpuz Family Dentistry, our friendly staff is dedicated to providing top-notch care by following uncompromising standards of excellence. We focus on preventive measures like regularly scheduled cleanings and examinations in order to help keep your smile healthy for life

We are proud to bring those principles to life at Corpuz Family Dentistry with our state-of-the-art amenities, modern technologies, and personalized care.

The Finest in Comfort Care

At Corpuz Family Dentistry we understand that going to the dentist can sometimes be a stressful experience. That’s why we strive to make every visit as pleasant and comfortable as possible.

We begin by making sure that you always feel welcome, relaxed, and comforted while in our office. Some of the amenities we provide include: comfy couches with throw pillows, small refreshment area for coffee and tea, aromather

Mindful Care for the Environment

Our commitment extends beyond patient care to the environment. Embracing eco-conscious practices, our paperless office minimizes our carbon footprint. We utilize geothermal technology and opt for refurbished or upcycled interior d├ęcor, showcasing our dedication to responsible stewardship.

A Spa-like Retreat within Dentistry

Imagine a dental appointment where every detail is designed to promote tranquility. At Corpuz Family Dentistry, we go beyond traditional care by offering soothing amenities that transform your visit into a serene experience:

  • Massage Chairs: Sink into relaxation with our massage chairs, easing tension as our team caters to your dental needs.
  • Paraffin Wax Dips: Indulge in paraffin hand treatments, a luxurious touch that melts stress away while promoting comfort.
  • Soothing Ambiance: The gentle sounds of water fountains and soothing music create a serene backdrop, helping you unwind.
  • Kid’s Zone: Our commitment to family care extends to our little patients. A dedicated kid’s zone, complete with video games, keeps children entertained and at ease.

Elevating Dental Care with Comfort

Corpuz Family Dentistry’s commitment to patient comfort is evident in every aspect of our practice. Whether you’re here for a routine check-up or a more involved procedure, our spa-like atmosphere ensures your visit is as tranquil and comfortable as possible.

Where Smiles are Served

Fun Fact: Our state-of-the-art facility on South 138th Street was once a Godfather’s Pizza! Now, it’s a place where we serve up smiles instead of pizzas. Visit us at 5311 S. 138th St. in Omaha, NE, and experience the transformative blend of full-service dentistry and a serene spa-like atmosphere.

Stay tuned for more informative articles about our commitment to providing exceptional dental care in a soothing dental spa-like environment.