Increasing Revenue Per Procedure with CareCloud

Corpus Christi Urology operates a busy practice with 11 providers over four office locations plus a radiation oncology center. Patients travel up to three hours from all over South Texas to make their appointments at the center. The clinic faced three administrative challenges

  • System upgrades inevitably led to downtime for the 20 staff members of the group.
  • Monthly reports for physicians and nurse practitioners regularly required a full day to run.
  • The clinic had upgraded to UroChart EHR, but needed a more efficient administrative and financial solution that was integrated with its EHR system.

Corpus Christi Urology leveraged CareCloud’s modern practice technology to run reports 80 percent faster and to increase reimbursement per procedure by 12 percent.

Urologists spend an average of 58 hours every week at work. Over half of urologists are tied up with administrative tasks more than 10 hours per week. With perturbations in patient load due to the COVID-19 pandemic, nearly every urology practice has been forced to spend more and more time seeking accurate and timely payment for patient care.

Corpus Christi Urology had devoted considerable resources to attempts to adapt a “well known” EHR and payment solution to reducing administrative overhead over its five locations as it attempted to do all of its billing in-house. Then an administrator at Corpus Christi Urology heard about CareCloud.

Convinced of the impact that staffing models have on the success of modern medical practices, Corpus Christi Urology decided to outsource all of its medical billing. Once the practice learned that CareCloud’s support staff had been thoroughly trained in the complex rules and regulations of specialty billing, they decided to let CareCloud do all the heavy lifting of getting paid. The result: Corpus Christi Urology was able to increase its FPRR (first a resolution rate) from 87 percent to 95 percent and to increase the compensation per procedure by 12 percent.

Even better, Corpus Christi Urology soon learned that CareCloud services are scalable as the practice grows. Said Carrie Salazar, administrator for the Corpus Christi office, “As we expand on the clinical side, adding new physicians, opening a pharmacy and implementing new drugs, we increase our billing. We are able to scale that within CareCloud without creating an administrative burden.”

Corpus Christi Urology Sees the Benefits of CareCloud Concierge RCM

Advanced analytics drive practitioner performance. At Corpus Christi Urology, providers rely heavily on CareCloud’s customized monthly reports to monitor both clinical and financial performance at both an individual level and a practice level.

CareCloud Concierge RCM provides detailed analysis of every stage of the revenue cycle, from before patients come in until after their treatment is complete and the last billing has been paid. CareCloud Concierge RCM can provide segmented data on revenue trends for each practitioner or for each office, as well as how quickly claims are being paid.

As administrator of a large group confronting a complex reimbursement landscape, Salazar can use CareCloud to dig deep into her reports by practice or physician. She can run ad hoc reports with CareCloud’s user-friendly drag-and-drop tool.

“If I have to run a new report for audit purposes, it’s easy to maneuver,” Carrie Salazar explains. “I don’t have to do much work. There was a time it took us an entire day to run all the different reports, because everything was done by manually, cutting and pasting data to and from different programs. Now, I can probably do it within an hour or two.” The ability to run reports 80 percent faster not only has saved Carrie a lot of time, but also makes it easy for her to provide a consistent reference point for physicians. Corpus Christi Urology can do a deep dive into the numbers for every cost and revenue center every month, every quarter, and every year.

Who Is CareCloud ?

Carecloud Inc. was founded by its current chairman of the board and executive chairman, Mahmud Haq. Before founding the company now known as CareCloud, Mr. Haq has served as CEO and President of Compass International Services Corporation, following 11 years of service as President of Global Risk Management for American Express.

In remarks on the occasion of changing the corporate identity of MTBC to Carecloudcare Inc. in March 2021, Mr. Haq said, “Throughout the past two decades, we have nurtured a tradition of executing bold moves, finding new markets, and delivering powerful, scalable cloud-based IT solutions to our clients.”

“In our twenty-second year of operations, we are able to innovate in an enviable position. We have made massive progress by expanding our offerings enabled by modern technology. We have broadened our market presence, and we have solidified our vision for the future,” added Hadi Chaudhry, current President, Chief Executive Officer, and Director of Carecloud Inc.

“We have changed our name, but not our values or our commitment to excellent service. We are steadfast in our determination to deliver unparalleled value to our clients, investors, and partners.”

CareCloud‘s Value Proposition for Medical Practices

Carecloudcare Inc. is a Software as a Service (SaaS) company. It delivers its software over the cloud to healthcare providers of all sizes. The majority of the company’s customers pay monthly fees for access to CareCloud software. CareCloud also provides professional services, including demand-staffing, systems implementation, and advisory services. CareCloud sells printing and mailing services.CareCloud’s cloud-based solutions support physicians and medical practices with electronic health records, patient experience management, practice management, healthcare analytics, telehealth, workforce extension, and more. Carecloud Inc. provides practice administrators with everything they need to run their clinics efficiently, prevent practitioner burnout, and lower costs.