Learn and Understand More About Telehealth, How It Works, and the Services Offered

Nowadays, telehealth gives you the ability to access medical care from your doctor in the comfort of your home. Experienced personnel offers you health care through online video therapy in New York. The sessions will help in the prescription of your medication and medical care without you leaving your house.

What Is Telehealth?                                                                                                  

It is the most efficient way to receive quality health care virtually from the comfort of your home. It is a simple process that involves you requesting a virtual appointment. Your doctor will then send you a link together with a calendar invite. This link will lead you to digital registration, where you will fill in the forms. After that, you will meet your doctor virtually on the specified date and time.

This form of health care is efficient since it does not require you to be in the same location as the doctor. You can still receive medical care even if you live far away from your primary care specialist.

How Does Telehealth Work?

This platform offers services as follows:

·       Digital patient registration

It entails you registering online, submitting your allergies, symptoms, medical history, and identity card. This is done before your first teleconference with your doctor.

·       Secure online payment

The use of telehealth software allows you to send your payments online safely.

·       Two-way, high-definition video

Video conferencing is used so that you and your doctor can have a face-to-face meeting as if you are seated together in the same office.

·       HIPAA compliant

It is a law that safeguards the privacy of your personal health information, telehealth interactions, and also your medical records. This way only authorized users will have access to your telehealth sessions.

·       Prescription management

The doctor is the manager of your medications and can also send you prescriptions online to a pharmacy of your preference.

·       Chat and photo-sharing capabilities

With telehealth, you have the opportunity of sharing photos of your symptoms when necessary. The doctor can also reach out to you via messages as communication is a two-way street.

What Health Care Services Can I Receive Through Telehealth?

You can receive several services as those offered in the office, but your doctor will specify which services you can receive through telehealth. However, if you have an emergency, you should seek medical care from a local urgent care facility or from a hospital emergency department.

Will Insurance Pay for Telehealth?

Most insurance companies cover telehealth, but some do not. However, in other states, an insurance company is required to cover telehealth at the same rate as they cover face-to-face appointments. The most common insurance agency which covers telehealth is Medicaid. You should check with your insurance agency to know if you are covered. Medicare is another agency that pays doctors in the United States to provide telehealth services during the COVID-19 period. However, this coverage may be a temporary benefit to all.

In summary, if you would like to get connected to telehealth, call the Thriving Center of Psychology for more information and guidance on how to use it.