So, You Want to Work in the Medical Marijuana Industry?

Medical marijuana is an emerging industry with huge potential. With thirty-six states and the District of Columbia now allowing medical marijuana, it is only a matter of time before the remaining states get on board. Federal decriminalization looks like it is on the horizon as well. Medical marijuana is a great industry to get into if you are looking for a ground-floor opportunity.

Maybe you have been thinking about medical marijuana employment but you’re not sure what types of jobs are available. If that is the case, you are in luck. You’re about to learn of just a few of the possibilities. Needless to say, even more opportunities will open up in the future.

1.At the Pharmacy

Let us start by looking at jobs found at your typical medical marijuana pharmacy. According to the good people behind Salt Lake City’s Beehive Farmacy, the pharmacy level is where you will find most of the patient-facing jobs. Here is just a small sampling:

  • Pharmacy Tech – A pharmacy tech assists the pharmacist by filling orders, checking labels, entering patient info, etc. In some cannabis pharmacies, they also handle retail interactions with patients.
  • Pharmacist – You need to have a degree in pharmacy to work as a cannabis pharmacist, so bear that in mind. Working in this capacity give you an opportunity to help steer the industry moving forward.
  • Delivery Courier – In states where home delivery is allowed by law, couriers are very much in demand. Some states allow anyone to drive delivery vehicles. Others require that drivers be certified couriers. Either way, delivery is considered an entry-level position.

Now is the time to look for an entry-level job if you have no formal training. As the industry grows stronger, even entry-level positions are going to require some formal training or certification. You can count on it.

2. At the Processing Plant

The next level down on the medical marijuana food chain is the processing plant. This is where biomass is turned into usable products. You will find both entry-level and skilled positions in most processing facilities. For example:

  • Technicians – Technicians are the ones who do the manual labor at processing facilities. They run the machines. They collect the materials. They package and ship finished products.
  • Quality Control – Every processing facility needs to have a quality control department. Quality control personnel routinely test products as they are manufactured. They are tested for safety, purity, and quality.
  • Scientists – If you are willing to get a degree, medical marijuana processors routinely keep scientists on staff. They are the ones responsible for overseeing extraction processes and researching new formulas.

3. At the Growing Operation

Underneath processors are cannabis growers. The smallest growing operations can be staffed by a small handful of people. That usually means an owner and partner or two who do double duty as growers and administrators. You don’t necessarily need an agricultural background to work for a growing operation, but it wouldn’t hurt.

At all three levels, marketing is a big deal. That is another option if you are so inclined. Figuring out the best way to market medical cannabis products is a discipline all in itself.

Of course, there are other positions that are not unique to medical marijuana. Jobs relating to accounting, public relations, maintenance, and the like are pretty standard across every industry. Here’s the point: medical marijuana is an emerging industry that is only going to get bigger as time goes by. If you have ever wanted to work in the industry, there is no shortage of opportunities. And the number of jobs will grow as the industry grows.