Thread Lift 101: What You Should Know Before Getting One!

Thread lifts have become a popular choice of treatment for people who need the appearance of a surgical facelift without getting one. While a thread lift Melbourne cost is relatively lesser than a surgical facelift, the procedure not only helps give the skin a lift but also ensures the production of collagen for a rejuvenated look.

Thread Lifts are Not Magical Substitutes to Surgical Face Lifts

A lot of people consider thread lifts as the perfect solution to avoiding surgical facelifts while still achieving amazing results. Although thread lifts provide a significant lift to the face, it will not be the same as the results expected from a surgery. 

However, there is no denying the fact that a thread lift procedure in Melbourne can take years off of your face and make you look younger and rejuvenated to a great extent. 

The thread lifting procedure carried out at cosmetic clinics in Melbourne involve the use of threads or sutures positioned right below the skin to give it a lift and tighten it. Over the years, aestheticians have begun using sutures that are absorbable and made using a compound that helps stimulate collagen production. 

Getting a Thread Lift in Australia Can Be Subjective

No one needing a minimally-invasive facelift will really be denied the opportunity if the quality of their skin is ideal. However, patients below and above a certain age are often not recommended to undergo the procedure.

People in ages between 30 and 65 have visible wrinkling and signs of aging that can be drastically improved through procedures not requiring surgery. Thread lifts can tighten the areas where skin laxity is prominent and lift the skin to contour it for more defined cheeks, jawlines, necks, and brows. 

This cannot be the case for some patients above the age of 65 or those that have excessive laxity of the skin.

Your aesthetician can better analyse and recommend options to you after a thorough consultation, taking all vital factors in account.

Thread Lifts Are Not Permanent

While you can see some results immediately after a thread lift procedure, and the others becoming more prominents over the next couple of weeks, the results of the thread lift are temporary, lasting only about 12 to 18 months. Even treatment from the best of the thread lift practitioners in Melbourne cannot last beyond a certain time. In some patients, this duration may vary, with it lasting longer for some and for a lesser time among others. This difference in duration depends on the patients genetics, lifestyle, habits, age, etc. If there are visible signs of aging that you are looking to treat and are unsure if a thread list is the right procedure for you, you can visit recommended aestheticians or a cosmetic clinic near you to understand all your options. From a thread lift Melbourne price to the dos and don’ts surrounding every procedure, you will be in a better position to make the right decision once you have all the information you need to know about the treatment before you undergo one.