Types of Personal Injuries & When to File for Bankruptcy

Personal injuries primarily emanate from auto accidents and negligence by another party. You can suffer multiple injuries during a crash or at the workplace. In this case, an attorney will help you get compensation to cater to your medical expenses and damages. Still, you’ll need time to recover and may lose your job and income. In such a case, you’re eligible for bankruptcy if unable to pay your bills. How will this affect my injury claim? Read on to find out.

Let’s begin by understanding the different types of personal injuries?

1. Workplace accidents

Most workplaces pose some level of risk to the workers. It’s the employer’s responsibility to adhere to safety standards to avoid accidents. Most employees incur injuries due to negligence by the employer and inadequate safety conditions. Such injuries can cause paralysis leading to job loss.

2. Car accidents

Auto accidents are the leading cause of personal injuries in most states. They usually result from negligence by divers who fail to adhere to safety regulations on the road. Driver fatigue and drunk driving are also to blame. Such drivers present a significant danger to other road users and motorists, leading to accidents and serious injuries. 

If this happens to you, you can file a personal injury lawsuit to hold the negligent driver responsible. But, in the case of assertion of liens by the insurance company or healthcare provider, this canĀ affect a personal injury suit in numerous ways.

3. Injuries from faulty products

Product manufacturers must adhere to stringent safety standards and produce safe products and equipment. Faulty products can cause severe injuries or death; they include consumer goods, medicines and medical equipment. But, you can hold the manufacturer liable for damages resulting from the use of such products. 

When can I file for bankruptcy?

Personal injuries can shatter your life, leading to job loss, inability to work, or death. There are various reasons to file for bankruptcy, these include;

  • Loss of income
  • Inability to pay bills
  • Inability to pay debts
  • Danger of losing your property

Suppose you’re unable to cater to your daily expenses and almost losing your property to creditors. It’s advisable to contact a bankruptcy attorney. The professional will assess your situation and advise on the best way forward.

How will filing for bankruptcy affect my personal injury claim?

Most accident victims suffer wage loss and hefty medical bills, thus opt for bankruptcy. In such a case, your injury claim becomes part of the bankruptcy process. It may or may not be protected after filing for bankruptcy. Can I protect my personal injury proceeds? This depends on the expected settlement amount and value of assets. There are also other exemptions to protect your assets.

Final thoughts

 Personal injuries have devastating effects on the victim and your loved ones alike. If you’ve suffered personal injuries, you can file a compensation claim for your damages. If you plunge into debt due to loss of income, you can also file for bankruptcy. But, you should seek guidance from a bankruptcy attorney.