What Are the Most Common Dental Emergencies Kids May Have?

Parents never fail to take the best steps to keep their little ones healthy and hearty. Still, certain things are out of their control. So, at times, they need to deal with emergencies. Parents need to be careful about how they deal with various dental emergencies. For example, when managing dental emergencies, they must have the contact details of a reputable clinic doing vacaville pediatric dentistry work. The section below talks about the most common dental emergencies children may have.

Knocked-out Teeth

Knocking out of one or more teeth typically occurs due to tripping and falling. If a kid faces any such situation, the parents must take immediate action to stop the injury from getting more severe.

Before taking the child to a dental clinic for treatment, parents must do something to stop the bleeding. Pressing the injured area with cotton is the best way to deal with the situation. It would be great if they get hold of the knocked-out tooth. Once they spot it, they should wash it using plain water. To avoid contamination, one must never touch the tooth with their bare hands.

Saving the tooth is, however, not necessary if the knocked-out piece is a baby tooth. It’s not possible for any dentist to implant it. Finding the tooth is, however, crucial if it’s one of the primary teeth. The best way of preserving a tooth until the visit to the dentist is by putting it in cold milk. For the preserved tooth to remain implantable, arriving at a dental clinic and getting emergency care as quickly as possible is crucial.

Dental Fracture

Dental fracture in kids also typically occurs when they meet an accident. This can be a trip and fall or a collision with a hard object. On other occasions, chips and fractures can result from poor dental hygiene. However, emergency dental care becomes pertinent only when a kid gets a fractured tooth due to sudden trauma.

Before taking the child for vacaville pediatric dentistry work, it is crucial to offer primary care. Parents must rinse the mouth of the kid with plain water. If there’s swelling, they should try to negate it by applying a cold compress on the little one’s cheek (on the side of the injury).

Restoration will be slightly easier if the parents can bring the dental fragment to the clinic. Proper preservation of the fragment will allow the dentist to use it to mend the damaged tooth.

Oral Injuries

A dental service is not meant just to correct dental problems. Visiting a qualified dentist should also be the way to go if a child incurs a tongue, cheek, or lip injury.

Here also, parents must first take steps to stop the bleeding by putting pressure on the injured area using cotton or a bandage. In the case of external injuries (a lip injury), washing the area with soap and water is a must once the bleeding stops. This should be followed by a visit to a local dental clinic for further treatment.


Besides the above emergencies, parents should take their children to nearby clinics doing vacaville pediatric dentistry work whenever they experience toothache, gum bleeding, or gum swelling. These problems also need emergency attention to prevent more severe dental issues.