What Are The Types Of Dental Implant Techniques That Experts Use In Texas?

The dental care world has improved significantly in the past few decades. Yet tooth decay and loss owing to improper maintenance, periodontal diseases, and injury is a common problem among Americans. A common practice to fix such tooth loss problems is replacing the natural tooth with an implant.

A dental implant is a metal post that feels and functions like your natural tooth while being stronger and more stable. Of course, the durability of your implant depends on the technique and the expertise of your dentists. For dental implants in The Woodland area, Dr. Scott Young, DDS, is the most trusted name. Using the best implant techniques, Dr. Young has returned the confident smile of pearly white teeth to countless patients already.

Different Types Of Implants

There are several types of dental implants that experts use in Texts. The specifics of the implant, such as materials, band, or positioning, depending on the patients’ dental health and jawbone preference. Here are the three major types of implants used in dentistry today:


Endosteal is perhaps one of the most common types of implants that dentists recommend to their patients. The only pre-requisite for this type of implant is that jawbone must be healthy so that the dental posts can fuse properly. Screws are used to secure placeholders where false teeth are to be placedOnce the dentist places this implant, it takes some time to heal and create the required stronghold.


In case the patient’s jaw bone is not as healthy, Subperiosteal becomes the chosen method. A metal frame with posts is placed with the support of the gum. The implant is then secured to these posts attached to the jaw.


Zygomatic is more complicated than the other types of implants and is thus the least common method. It is used for patients whose jawbones are not enough to support the other techniques. So in place of the jaw, the cheekbones are used to place the implants here.

Implant Techniques

Sometimes, the patient’s jawbones are not enough to support any of the techniques. In such circumstances, specialists may have to use some advanced techniques to restore the jawbones and steady the tooth foundation.  Here are some of the techniques the dentists may use:

  • Bone augmentation: Uses bone additives to regenerate jawbone.
  • Ridge expansion: Uses grafts to add space for implants in the jaw.
  • Sinus augmentation: bones are added below the sinus to replace the natural bones that deteriorated.

3-D imaging

To determine the best site for implant, your doctor is likely to use this tool.

Immediate Load Implants

Dentists place temporary teeth on the same day as implants.


Dentists place small toothpick size teeth to stabilize the dentures.

All On-4 Technique

For full set replacement, this technique is used. It avoids the need for grafting by using the available bones for implants.

Consult An Implant Specialist

Be it for cosmetic reasons or convenience; dental implants are the best way to deal with damaged or lost teeth. You may book an appointment with Dr. Young to restore your pearly whites in the best way!