What Is Your Back Pain Trying To Tell You?

Everyone is likely to have back problems at one point or another. When back pain is not treated in time, it can cause significant dysfunction for the entire body.

Symptoms of back pain

 Back pain can range from mild to severe. It can be a muscle ache, a burning of the lower back, a shooting, or a stabbing sensation. The severity of the pain can make the simplest activities such as walking, bending, sleeping, lifting, or twisting impossible.

How chiropractors treat back pain

Chiropractic treatment uses spinal manipulation among other techniques to bring relief to back pain. The chiropractic approach believes there’s a connection between the spine and the overall health of an individual.

If misalignment is prolonged, nerve interference can rob nerve functions to vital body organs. Slowly a patient may develop other diseases and dysfunction.

The first visit is likely to be an evaluation of your condition. He may run some tests and order X-rays to help understand the condition. Pain management may need several sessions before restoration of proper function.

A chiropractor may use forceful pressure on some parts of the body to help realign the spine. The pressure may be exerted by hand or with an instrument.  From time to time, massage therapies may be incorporated into the sessions to help restore function and relieve pain.

The following may also be suggested to promote holistic wellness:

·         Nutritional supplement

·         Diet change

·         Recommended physical activities

·         Electrical insulation

·         Use of cold and hot packs

When to seek the services of a chiropractor

Most back pains improve with personalized self-care or home treatment options. But specialized adjustments like what our Los Gatos chiropractors offer can help you deal with the pain in a more subtle manner. You may not know the connection between sciatica and chiropractic when having back pain issue, but you can know when the following symptoms strike:

·         Pain that persists for weeks on end

·         Severe pain that does not improve with rest

·         Unexplained pain with no weight-related issue

Back pain can become severe as the discs separating the vertebrae become stiff and less hydrated. Enter chiropractic corrective care. A chiropractor helps to align and mobilize the spine allowing the discs to restore flexibility and strength. The realignment of the spine is believed to reduce pressure on the central nervous system, thus reducing pain to restore health.

Chiropractic care for shoulder pain

The shoulder is one of the most mobile joints that help in movements.  When it moves out of alignment, it can lead to inflammation, muscle spasm, and pain. One of the best health options you make is chiropractic care for shoulder pain. Some of the causes of shoulder pain may be:

·         Overuse

·         Neck and back tightness

·         Arthritis and related conditions

·         Rotator cuff disorders

·         Frozen shoulder condition

Chiropractic options to correct shoulder pain

1.       Alignment-The chiropractor seeks to align the clavicle, scapula, and shoulder.

2.       Myofascial release-Myofascial therapy helps to relax contracted muscles to regain function. It also releases the fascia that covers the muscles to ease the pain and aches.

3.       Graston technique-Graston technique uses a special instrument to break up scar tissues, adhesions, and muscles to improve range of motion.

4.       Ultrasound-This option improves blood circulation and reduces inflammation. Consequently, it promotes healing and repairing sprains, tears, and sprains.


If you’re suffering from pain, headaches, fatigue, and migraines visit a chiropractor for lower back diagnosis and intervention.