What you need to know about preventive care in Humble, Texas

Preventive care refers to any medical service to reduce risks of later adverse health outcomes such as chronic diseases, disability, and medical emergencies. It involves screening of illness and injuries before they become severe. In America, preventive care helps lower health costs and prevent high hospital care. Getting the proper preventative maintenance is always on everyone’s bucket list. Calvary Urgent Care is the best adults and pediatrics in Humble, Texas, providing preventive care to help prevent emergency services and illness fatalities.

Preventive care measures

The following are the most impactful and universal preventive care measures;

Diabetes screening

Most Americans have diabetes or are prediabetic. Diabetes leads to heart attack, nerve disease, kidney disease, vision loss, and stroke. Therefore, the early screening will reduce health disparities and mortality rates in the community.

Blood pressure tests

These tests are essential to identify the risk factors for chronic disease. Screening for blood pressure reduces stroke, heart failure, cerebrovascular disease, coronary heart disease, and mortality.

Cholesterol tests

Those with a history of diabetes, hypertension, smoking, and high cholesterol should get regular cholesterol checks to prevent cardiovascular diseases. Early detection can help to prevent cardiovascular diseases with medication and increased physical activity.

Routine vaccination

Childhood vaccinations such as polio and adult vaccinations such as those given during pregnancy and injury help protect against severe disease.

Cancer screening

When done early, mammograms and colonoscopies can detect breast cancer and colorectal cancer, reducing cancer mortality due to early treatment.

Mental health screening

Those living with mental disorders are at an increasing rate. Therefore, early detection of mental illness helps to reduce devastating consequences imposed on the community and the individual. Anxiety and depression are the first signs of mental illness, and one should seek treatment with medication and counseling.

STD screening

Most people live with STDs hence spreading them to others. Early detection helps to prevent severe disorders such as chronic illness and fertility loss.

Child visits

Well-baby and well-child visits help reduce illness and disabilities since the physician can administer vaccination, screen potential medical issues, and provide lifestyle changes to facilitate later disease development. 

Benefits of preventive care

Preventive care has the intention to help you stay as healthy as possible.  Early screening and tests help your doctor determine severe illnesses before becoming nightmares and deciding the best treatment options. Below are the benefits of preventive care;

  • Early detection of medical problems, illnesses, and injuries helps your doctor to provide proactive treatment.
  • Routine care helps you to focus on your health goals.
  • Most preventive care is part of health coverage hence low cost.
  • Early maternity and newborn care help prevent and determine future severe illnesses for both the child and mother.
  • It helps to reduce chronic diseases such as stroke, heart failure, coronary heart disease, and cancer.
  • It helps to reduce mortality in the community.

Consult a preventive care specialist today

Most illnesses and injuries become a nightmare at a late stage due to late detection of the diseases and injury. Getting early detection will help you and your doctor to plan for the future outcome of your health. Schedule an appointment or walk to Calvary Urgent Care, and let a team of experts screen and conduct tests and prevent poor health outcomes in the future.