When to Seek Dental Services

There is so much discomfort one experiences when dental problems arise. If left untreated, these problems become critical and expensive to treat in the long run. Many qualified dentists like dentist Barrie are well trained and always ready to tend to all your needs.

 The best thing about working with a professional dentist is that you are assured of quality services. Dental services like gum recontouring, teeth cleaning, tooth filling, oral cancer screening, and many others are all done at Molson Park Dental Office.

Look out for any of these signs and if you have any of them, consider seeking dental services from your dentist.

When You Notice Your Gums are Bleeding

Bleeding gum may be a sign of gingivitis or gum disease and thus should not be ignored. However, if you are experiencing recurring or excessive bleeding or the gums feel itchy, you might be experiencing something worse that needs to be sorted out.

It is important to note that if gum diseases are ignored and left untreated, the symptoms may worsen and at times make it impossible for the teeth to be restored. Visiting the dentist at the early stages of your gum disease helps your dentist detect the problem leaving you with healthy teeth.

When You Realize Your Jaw is Swollen

A swollen jaw may be an indication that you have an infection. One of the infections that manifest cause a swollen jaw is the salivary gland infection. If you notice your jaw is swollen and have difficulties breathing accompanied by fever, you need medical attention.

You are Experiencing a Severe Toothache

A severe toothache is a sign that you need to seek dental services to relieve the pain. If you have a minor toothache, you might sort it out at home, but if the toothache is severe, you have no option but to visit the dental clinic.

When You Have a Stubborn Canker sore

Getting canker sores is normal, and people experience them repeatedly. However, you should be concerned if the sores become infected. If you realize that two weeks have passed and your open sore hasn’t healed, then it is advisable to visit your dentist for a consultation.

If Your Teeth are loose

Your teeth should not be wiggly or loose if you are an adult since your teeth ought to have matured to solid teeth. If your teeth feel loose, then that is an indication of a problem. There are times when loose teeth signal a teeth injury.

When You Have Dental Abscess

You should immediately seek dental service if you are experiencing symptoms of a dental abscess. These types of infections are usually painful and situated at the root. Gum infections or an untreated cavity usually cause the abscessed tooth.

When a tooth is abscessed, you experience pus, fever, swollen glands, and a foul taste in your mouth. Additionally, it can be caused by dental trauma experienced in the past. To eliminate the infection permanently, you may be required to undergo surgery during the treatment.


It is essential to pay attention to your oral health at all times since any slight change might be a sign of an underlying problem. It is advisable to seek dental services when you notice an issue that needs to be addressed. Look out for any of these signs and if you have any of them, consider seeking dental services.