Who is Not a Candidate for Los Angeles LASIK Surgery??

Los Angeles LASIK surgery is a popular option for correcting vision problems, but unfortunately, not everyone is eligible. Certain health conditions and medications can disqualify you from having the surgery. Here are some things to keep in mind if you’ve been searching up LASIK surgeons in Los Angeles recently:

People under the age of 18

In order to receive the best laser eye surgery, you must be at least 18 years old. This is because a person’s vision does not fully develop until this age.

Those with unstable eyes

LASIK surgery is not a good option for people with unstable eyes. The laser used in this procedure penetrates just enough to alter the shape of your cornea, but it’s not strong enough on its own accord; therefore LASIK can lead these patients into serious complications down the road like visible veins or retinal detachments!

People who have an extreme case of myopia (nearsightedness)

Moderate cases of myopia can be corrected with LASIK, but if you are not within the 10.00 to − 13.50 D range, then this will be a problem and there is a chance that you do not qualify for the surgery. An alternative treatment plan will be explored.

Pregnant or nursing women

Receiving eye surgery during pregnancy is extremely dangerous for the fetus. It can also negatively affect your body while you are breastfeeding. For this reason, you should wait between 3 to 6 months after giving birth to have LASIK surgery.

Individuals with an autoimmune disease

If you have an autoimmune disease, such as lupus or rheumatoid arthritis, and are considering LASIK surgery to improve your quality of life–think again. Lasers can trigger a flare in these conditions making them more difficult than they already were. The risks associated with this procedure include permanent eye damage from inflammation-related side effects like retinal detachments. Additionally, there’s been some evidence suggesting that certain types may actually make symptoms worse by activating the immune system which would then lead on top to others having lifelong chronic health problems.

People taking certain medications

People undergoing treatment for heart disease, diabetes, or those that have had cataracts should consult an ophthalmologist before undergoing this procedure because they may increase the risks associated with these conditions during the postoperative period. In addition, some types of birth control also don’t work well after LASIK surgeries which could lead one into becoming pregnant despite using contraception beforehand

While we would love to offer Los Angeles LASIK services to anybody who wants it, your health and safety come first. That is why, unfortunately, we must turn some prospective patients down and recommend alternatives to them. In the meantime, if you believe that you are a qualified candidate, please reach out to Dr. Ferzaad Moosa at Excel Eye today for a consultation appointment. Our professional team will be able to come up with the perfect plan for you so that you receive only the highest quality results that will guarantee your satisfaction. It is not only important that you are fully satisfied, but that your results are permanent. Remember: you’re paying all that money for nothing, right?