What to Avoid Before Your LASIK Eye Surgery

Congratulations on making the decision to get LASIK in Orange County with Dr. Moosa! This is an incredibly exciting time for you, but it is also crucial that you understand the do’s and don’ts before your procedure so that you can enjoy only the best results. More specifically, here is an outline of all the things you should avoid prior to your LASIK procedure:

● Don’t ignore your need to hydrate

You will need to drink more water than you regularly do before you have eye surgery. The lasers can make you more susceptible to dryness, thus staying hydrated is an absolute must.

● Do not wear your contact lenses for 5 days leading up to your surgery

We’re here to fix your eyes, not your lenses! Since you cannot drive on the day of your procedure, have a family member or a trusted friend bring you to the office.

● Do not arrive on an empty stomach

You should have a light, healthy meal before you come in for your appointment. While you usually cannot eat before most major surgical procedures, the opposite is true when you come in to see Orange County laser surgeons. Eating a small meal will help you feel more at ease.

● Do not wear makeup, eye cream, or any kind of lotion

We know how awesome it is, but the best Orange County lasik eye surgery and makeup simply do not go hand-and-hand. It would be especially foolish to wear any sort of eye makeup when you show up on the day of your surgery!

● Avoid using perfume or hairspray

Either of these can result in interference with the lasers used by Orange County LASIK eye surgeons.

● Lay off the alcohol for a little bit.

Since you need to stay well hydrated during this time, alcohol can regress your hydration level. In general, it is good practice to refrain from drinking as well as caffeine before any surgery. You will also need to be as relaxed as possible going into the procedure, and either of these substances will not help with your mindset.

● Take time off work

This is especially true if you are in a profession that requires looking at a computer screen. It is suggested to tell your employer that you will need the day off before your procedure. After the surgery, most people only need 24 hours of rest time, but you may require more. Be sure to discuss your before and aftercare plan with the doctor closely.

If you ever feel uncertain regarding what is and isn’t okay to do in the days leading up to your Orange County LASIK surgery, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Sometimes questions may come up after your consultation appointment so please do not wait until the day of your procedure to address them. You can always give our office a call or use the contact form directly on our website. Remember: our patients are our top priority here. We are committed to providing you with the most optimal eye health care in all of southern California. That is why we are the perfect ophthalmology practice for you.